Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to run through a wall!

It all started last week while I was running....
So I love the way my mind can explore ideas while I am running. People talk about hitting a wall, usually in the last part of marathons where you are mentally and physically spent. This is not always the case but every runner has days or times when they need something to grasp onto to keep going! I go to quite a few places in my mind for motivation but often I find myself thinking of other people I know or have heard about. I was doing this during that run, I was tired, not in the mood and found myself replaying stories from these runners in my mind. If they encouraged me, maybe I could share their stories by interviewing them and together we could inspire and reach other people. So that when someone had a day that they did not "feel it", they could recall one of these people. I don't mean they have to be super athletes, although they can be. What I am looking for is normal people who have running stories that can encourage and empower someone else just by being shared. That my friend is my mission!!!
Stay tuned for my first interview and let me know if you know someone you would recommend.
Run through the wall!


Thor said...

Check out my friend who runs 240 miles in 8 days to raise money and awareness for the homeless in Chicago's Uptown!

Bryan Hojo said...

You Rock Emily up 1 day and you have doubled my followers.

You deffinately have inspired me.

Landon said...

You got me through the Frosty Fifty!!
Landon said...

Thor thank you, I can't wait to talk to Patrick! Hojo you are inspiring yourself, expect an interview! Landon, thanks it was a lot of fun, hope to see you at Wrightsville Beach this weekend. It is going to be beautiful!