Saturday, May 14, 2011

Michael Kahn - Giving others a voice – “Why Marathon”

“The only thing that's keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself.” Tony Robbins

Mike has an interesting take on this quote, he says why not flip it? What if we tell a different story that gets us to where we want to be, and what if that story also encourages and gets others to their place or “want”? I find it interesting that we both experienced ideas for inspiring others while running. He had been given a new video camera and decided to record his experience at Mercedes Marathon in Birmingham, AL in February to share with his wife. Prior to the marathon, he met Curtis Workman, who had a great story to share, as a last minute thought in the final minutes before the race, he decided to interview him.

The race started and off they went, all of these runners running the same course but each with a different story. Each runner was a hero to someone for achieving this goal. Mike says it was at about mile 14 when it HIT him – he had to share these stories…and that is how the seed for Why Marathon was planted. In the last couple months Mike has been traveling to marathons, with his camera and the question WHY do you marathon?

Mike is an avid runner on the Trysports team, dedicated husband and dad to two sons, and active in his community. He recently ran in the Boston Marathon and has brought his marathon time down by 11 minutes in the last year to a PR of 2:45, which he credits to his coach Mark Hadley and Charlotte Running Club. Still he has found a passion in sharing the love of the marathon and highlighting others. He says there is something very special about interviewing someone at the finish line of a marathon. Mike doesn’t pick the winner, or the best runner, he randomly finds runners who want to share. Mike says, “People are lucid, genuine, you are capturing them in the moment of their WHY”. That my friend is a beautiful thing!

He says that, “if people have a strong enough why, they don’t need to worry about the how, anything is possible with faith” He has even started a program to help train people to run in their first half or full marathon to help them overcome self imposed limitations. Mike believes that the ultimate reward will be the day that he interviews someone who credits the “Why Marathon” site to their inspiration, and it will happen! Thank you Mike for recognizing the champion in everyone!

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